Guiding you through the process of assuming guardianship
woman smiling with a little boy in the playground

Guardianship is a legal process wherein an individual becomes appointed by the court to become the guardian of a child, adult, or property. This is a complicated and long legal process that tries to identify whether a person or property is truly in need of guardianship by determining the incapacitation of the person/property in question. In proving so, this requires a lengthy examination.

After proving the need for guardianship, the guardian gains authority over a person or property. With the legal guardianship, a guardian becomes accountable for the ward under their care.

Without the help of sound legal counsel, guardianship cases may become long and confusing. Before entering in guardianship, it is important to understand the situation that you are getting into.

If you are in need of legal representation for your guardianship case, please do not hesitate to let us know. Guardianship belongs to one of our areas of expertise. With our help, you can be sure that you are rightly guided.