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Our Mission

It is our goal to participate in the legal practice with honor and dignity so that people who are in need may receive the justice they deserve. In our dealings, we always make sure that our clients are rightly represented and that their rights are respected. Our principles can never be bought and our service will never falter. With us, you can be sure that justice will be served.

Angelia Rowe Garner, Esq.

Law Office of Angelia Rowe Garner LLC

9701 Apollo Drive, Suite 447
Largo, Maryland 20774

Office: 240-582-5530
Fax: 240-582-5727
Email: angelia@argarnerlaw.com

Our Company

Angelia Rowe Garner is the chief principal for the Law Office of Angelia Rowe Garner LLC since its establishment back on February 6, 1994. Attorney Garner practices in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. She has been successfully providing legal representation to hundreds of clients in Washington D.C., Metro Area for over a quarter of a century. Due to her skill, competence, and dedication in her fiduciary responsibilities, she has become the trusted advisor of choice to numerous clergy, their family members, and their congregants.

“As an Associate Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Glenarden, Maryland, I can ensure that the service I give upholds a standard of honor and dignity. With my 20 years of serving in the ministry, I am incorruptible in my principles and steadfast in my dealings.”

Our Service

Here at the Law Office of Angelia Rowe Garner LLC, we provide legal assistance to those who are in need. We understand that justice should not be used as a means of profiteering. As such, provide individuals with fair and adequate legal representation to ensure that their rights and positions are heard in the court of law. In our legal office, we stand by the principles of excellent service. Given the importance we give to each case we handle, we make sure to give the right amount of attention that every case deserves. Regardless of the high demands for legal professionals, we will never take cases for the sake of money. We prioritize providing quality service over gaining high profits.

If you are looking for an attorney that is genuine in defending you in the court of Law, you’ve come to the right place. Get to know more about our services here.